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Perivue helps reduce costs for energy company

At the time Perivue was approached to help a growing energy firm in Pasadena to find ways to lower cost and streamline their business, the customer was already spending close to $2,000 every month on their  telecommunications and internet bills!!!

  • Perivue reduced their operating expenses for phones and internet by $1,000 per month with a custom solution and flexible financing programs.

  • The business saved 32 minutes daily by being able to reach their workers on the first try.

  • The customer reduced much of their travel expenses, and increased productivity by 76% across their 50 retail locations.

  • Call Perivue today to learn about how to save money and make your business more productive.

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Perivue migrates law firm in Century City from costly hosted VoIP system
Saving time and money!

Our customer was faced with the many challenges inherent with a hosted voice environment, lack of control, poor call quality and costly bills that add up over time.  Perivue Networks helped this established law firm to lower costs, save time and improve customer service.  And with Cisco Business VoIP the quality is never compromised.

  • Perivue was recently contracted to migrate the customer from a costly, unreliable hosted voice system, streamlining operations and lowering overall costs, saving time, and cutting bills.
  • Perivue was able to reduce the cost of paying for a hosted system which was costing thousands and thousands of dollars over the years.

  • Perivue empowered the administrators with control and the ability to manage and operate with flexibility, save time and money.

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Chorus uses unified communications and collaboration applications
Enabling all employees to work from home

Established in 1995, Chorus provides practice management systems for community health centers. The company employs 60 people in Texas and New Jersey.

In early 2008, Chorus was leasing 15,000 square feet of office space in two buildings, far more space than required for expected growth. To reduce expenses, the chief executive officer asked the company’s IT department to find a way for everyone to work from home. Not only would telework eliminate office space and utility costs, it would save employees the time, expense, and environmental impact of commuting and give them more time with their families.

In 2007, Chorus had begun using Cisco® Unified Communications for IP telephony, voicemail, and voice and web conferencing, and contact center. “We realized that we could take advantage of our existing Cisco network and Cisco Unified Communications applications to let all employees work from home,” says Rick Boyd, vice president of infrastructure.

The challenge would be to make sure that customers received the same excellent service that they had when employees worked in the office.

Dynamic Strategies designed the telework solution to take advantage of Chorus’ existing Cisco network and equipment. “The Cisco Unified Communications suite includes all of the technologies that Chorus needs for telework, including IP telephony, unified messaging, contact center, and VPN,” says Joe Infante, managing partner, Dynamic Strategies. “An integrated solution is faster and less expensive to deploy and maintain than a solution pieced together from multiple vendors.”

  • Software Developer
  • New Jersey
  • 60 employees
  • Reduce costs
  • Maintain excellent customer service
Provided a telework setup for all employees
Eliminated US$400,000 in annual office space costs
Resolved customers’ technical support issues more quickly
Increased employee satisfaction

Chorus uses Cisco Unified Contact Center Express for customer support calls, intelligently routing callers to the first available agent. Contact center agents use a Cisco Unified IP Phone 7961G and a Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) at home. The Cisco ASA provides a secure connection to another router at the company data center, where the Cisco Unified Communications Manager server resides. The router-to-router connection provides the quality of service (QoS) to help ensure excellent voice quality. “We dedicate a certain amount of bandwidth to voice calls, so that quality remains consistent even if the employees’ family members are using the Internet at the same time,” says Infante.

Employees who spend less time on the phone use a laptop with Cisco VPN Client and Cisco IP Communicator software, which makes the PC work just like a Cisco Unified IP Phone.

Different departments take advantage of other Cisco Unified Communications and collaboration applications to do their work as if they were in the office:

The Chorus IT group uses Cisco WebEx® Support Center to provide remote tech support to customers and employees. The support person can remotely control the caller’s desktop to troubleshoot or demonstrate how to use the software.

The company’s business analysts use Cisco WebEx Meeting Center to demonstrate the company’s software solutions to prospective customers.

Departments use Cisco WebEx Meeting Center to conduct daily or weekly conference calls to share project status and challenges. The web collaboration feature lets employees share spreadsheets and other documents as if they were meeting in person.

Quality Assurance team members use Cisco VPN Client software to test new software from home.

The client services manager refers to the reports from Cisco Unified Contact Center Express to monitor agents’ performance, including the number of calls answered, call duration, abandon rates, and more. He can coach agents by listening in, interrupting, and recording.


“With Cisco WebEx and Cisco Unity, we can do almost everything that we could if we worked together in the same building,” Boyd says. “We can collaborate on a spreadsheet or a client presentation, or show someone how to bill.”

Chorus also set up policies to help employees be successful working at home. For example, employees need a separate workspace and desk. And they are expected to work at their desks during normal business hours.

Chorus met its goals for lower costs and outstanding customer service with a Cisco Unified Communications solution deployed by Dynamic Strategies, Inc., a Cisco Certified Premier Partner.

Cost Savings
The company is saving US$400,000 annually by closing its physical offices. Savings include the lease, electricity, and telecommunications lines.