Voice Readiness Assessments


Selecting the right networking and business communications system is important and Perivue is here to help you.  Before getting started with a modernization of your phone and internet systems it is vital to perform a Voice Readiness Assessment. 


The Voice Readiness Assessment takes companies from initial assessment to analysis to recommendations. We've based our program on hundreds of successful IP telephony deployments over many years and our best practices prove invaluable to any organization considering VoIP or voice related services on their IP network.


The network readiness assessment will provide an essential roadmap as the project proceeds from concept to actual deployment. Even more importantly, this initial phase will prove invaluable as the IP telephony network goes into production and is actually employed by your company. The assessment will help:


  • Speed migration and implementation of the new network

  • Accelerate planning cycles by identifying potential risks and gaps

  • Improve network resiliency and availability

  • Reduce downtime and possible network security breaches

  • Help ensure that the network is ready for optimum VoIP provisioning


Knowledgeable about detailed data, our team members will carefully identify and document gaps between which devices, processes and services the network has and what it must have to accommodate or enable robust, dependable IP telephony. In a written report, our recommendations and findings will be summarized and presented to your executive team and information technology managers.


  • QoS (Quality of Service) -- QoS mechanisms, which prioritize traffic traveling on the network, are essential to relieve network congestion, ensure priority for and preserve the integrity of voice transmissions.


  • Network Resiliency -- The network design and associated network services must guarantee optimal resiliency, which ensures that a network is able to recover or adjust after a failure or change. A voice, or converged network needs to heal itself within seconds at most. Greater delay is not tolerable since the message may be lost forever.


  • Power requirements -- IP telephony brings new power requirements that were not required of data-only networks. In short, power must be supplied to IP telephony-based clients, such as IP phones. Cisco catalyst Switches can offer in-line power, which delivers power from an Ethernet switch port.


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